Wed, Feb 23, 2011 at 6:15 PM

In an effort to improve the ticketing experience, we are excited to announce some improvements to how we handle online tickets at Ace of Spades.

What Has Changed?
All ticket holders (who bought tickets on now have the option to print their tickets at home at the time of purchase OR return to the site at anytime to re-print your tickets. This change allows you to avoid the Will-Call line altogether. Show your print out at the door, get it scanned and you're in.

If you're like us you have printed out your boarding pass for a flight or confirmation for something before, only to leave it on the counter as you walked out the door. No problem. Tickets are also available to you in digital format from any Internet Capable Phone*.

How It Works


Lost password? Recover It

You will see a list of shows you have purchased tickets to with a "View" button next to each show, just click that button and your tickets will appear. All of the events you have already bought tickets for have been upgraded to this method, you can access and print your tickets at any time.


In your web browser click "view" next to your tickets, Just print out the page(s) and bring them with you to the show.

Sample print@home ticket:Print@Home

On a mobile device:

The web browser will detect your device and load a mobile ticket when you click view, have this page loaded when you reach the front of the line, show the screen to the ticket agent for scanning and you're done.

Sample of Mobile Tickets:

Mobile Ticket

Will-Call pick up is still an option should you prefer to do it that way.

We hope you find these changes to be a convenience and look forward to seeing you at the show!

- ground(ctrl)

*Internet Capable Phones are any cell phones with a web browser such as iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, or Window Mobile